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Z.P.U Tarpol Tadeusz Bieszke
ul. Pokładowa 3
85-435 Bydgoszcz
tel/fax. 52 372-31-34
kom. 668463296

Nowoczesne tarniki do drewna, precyzyjne narzędzia ścierne

Nowoczesne tarniki do drewna, precyzyjne narzędzia ścierne

About Us

About us

Since 2000 our company has been developing the brand and awareness of its
products. We have been delivering modern solutions for processing of wood, plastics
and soft metals. Our tools have evolved to ensure maximum safety and working precision
and the research we carried out influenced application of pioneering solutions that
simplify your working process. Our company specializes in production of tools for
processing of wood, plastics and soft metals. We provide grinding wheels for angle grinders
and cutters for spindle moulders. We fulfill orders for unusual grinding tools for specialists,
artists and manufacturers of polystyrene foam. Our products offer the highest quality
and safety. We hope that our offer will satisfy your needs and improve your working

We are waiting for your cooperation.


The tools in our offer are characterized by the highest quality, confirmed by the ‘B’
certificate. Our products has been tested under extreme conditions and maximum
loads. Please remember to always use the tools in accordance with their intended


All the products are widely used and work well in diversified working conditions. Thanks
to our broad offer, the products are used in various industrial fields across the world.


Our knowledge of the filed helped us to develop an offer that meets the market needs. We
create tools that allow for working with wood, plastics and soft metals.

Safety certified

Safety certified



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